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We take pride in providing a comprehensive spectrum of disability support services that are centered around the unique needs and aspirations of each individual we serve. Our approach is built on nurturing meaningful relationships, fostering independence, and enriching lives.



We prioritize your comfort, security, and well-being. At IHACC, we understand that a safe and nurturing environment is the cornerstone of quality care. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that you or your loved one find a home that not only meets individual needs but also upholds our core values of care, compassion, dignity, and respect. Whether you are seeking temporary respite care, independent living, or assisted living arrangements, we are here to provide you with personalized, thoughtful, and compassionate support. Our aim is to make you feel like a cherished member of our extended family, fostering a sense of belonging and satisfaction in every interaction. Your peace of mind and contentment are our top priorities as we work together to create a warm and welcoming home within the IHACC community.

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Life Stage Transition

We understand that life's transitions can be both exciting and challenging. At IHACC, we provide guidance and support as you or your loved one embarks on the next phase of life's journey, whether it's moving from independent living to assisted care, returning from the hospital, or facing any significant life change. Our compassionate team ensures a seamless and comfortable process, emphasizing dignity, respect, and empowerment. We equip you with the tools and personalized care needed to thrive in this new chapter, fostering a warm and inclusive atmosphere where you feel valued and cherished throughout your life stage transition. Let us be your partner in confidently embracing change.

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Personal Activities

IHACC's Personal Activities Service is dedicated to enhancing your independence and enriching your daily life. We understand that maintaining autonomy and engaging in personal activities are vital to your well-being. Our experienced team is committed to providing the support and encouragement you need to enjoy a fulfilling routine, pursue hobbies, stay active, and engage in leisurely activities. Our goal is to empower you to lead a life that reflects your unique preferences and passions, ensuring you have a caring and reliable partner to support you along the way.

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Travel Transport

IHACC's Assist-Travel Transport Services are dedicated to ensuring the seamless and enjoyable travel of individuals with mobility challenges. We recognize that mobility should never hinder exploration or accessing essential services. Our compassionate team offers comprehensive support, including assistance with vehicle access, public transportation navigation, and specialized transport arrangements. Our mission is to empower you to explore new horizons, connect with loved ones, attend appointments, or simply enjoy outings with confidence, prioritizing your comfort, safety, and independence. With IHACC's assistance, you can embark on journeys of all sizes, knowing we're here to ensure your travel experience is both smooth and enjoyable while preserving your dignity and respect.

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Community Nursing Care

IHACC's Community Nursing Care Service is committed to delivering high-quality healthcare in the comfort of your own community, recognizing that familiar surroundings are often best for managing health challenges. Our skilled nursing team provides expert care and support while upholding core values of care, compassion, dignity, and respect. Whether you require wound care, medication management, chronic illness support, or other nursing services, IHACC is dedicated to personalized care tailored to your specific needs. Our mission is to empower you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life while remaining an active and valued community member. With IHACC's Community Nursing Care Service, your health is in capable and caring hands right where you belong.

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Development Life Skills

IHACC's Development Life Skills program is dedicated to empowering individuals to gain essential life skills, enabling them to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Recognizing that life's daily challenges become more manageable with the right skills and support, our devoted team offers personalized guidance and training. Whether it involves mastering budgeting and financial management, cooking nutritious meals, honing time management, or enhancing communication skills, IHACC is committed to assisting you on your journey toward personal growth and independence. We firmly believe that acquiring life skills is a continuous process, aiming to help you establish a foundation for success. Our mission is to empower you to lead a purposeful and autonomous life while fostering self-worth and respect. With IHACC's Development Life Skills program, you can embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth, supported every step of the way.

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Daily Tasks / Shared Living

IHACC's Daily Tasks/Shared Living Services comprehend the significance of balancing independence and community engagement while managing daily routines. Our aim is to establish a supportive environment where individuals can cohabitate, pool resources, and collaborate on everyday tasks, nurturing a sense of togetherness and mutual assistance. Whether you seek shared housing arrangements, aid with daily chores, or a communal living experience, IHACC is committed to creating a harmonious and inclusive ambiance. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling life while enjoying the advantages of shared living, without sacrificing individual needs and preferences. Our objective is to empower you to lead life on your own terms, within a compassionate and respectful community. With IHACC's Daily Tasks/Shared Living Services, you can relish the benefits of communal living while upholding your independence and dignity.

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Household Tasks

IHACC's Group/Center Activities program is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can participate in various enriching group activities and programs designed to enhance their well-being and social connections. These activities include group therapy sessions, recreational pursuits, art and music classes, and educational workshops. IHACC is committed to offering a diverse range of opportunities for personal development and social interaction. They believe that a sense of belonging and engagement is crucial to overall happiness and fulfillment. The program's goal is to empower individuals to explore their interests, build meaningful relationships, and acquire new skills while enjoying a sense of camaraderie within the community. With IHACC's Group/Center Activities, you can look forward to a vibrant and supportive environment that encourages personal growth, self-expression, and a fulfilling social life, helping you thrive and enjoy a well-rounded and enriching lifestyle.

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Participate Community

Participate community at IHACC is your gateway to active engagement and meaningful connections in the communities we serve. We understand the significance of being part of a vibrant community for personal growth and a sense of belonging. Our dedicated team is committed to facilitating opportunities for you to connect with neighbors, contribute to local initiatives, and play an active role in community life. Whether it's through community events, volunteer work, or involvement in neighborhood projects, IHACC's Participate Communities program empowers you to make a positive impact and nurture lasting relationships. Our goal is to support you in finding your place within your community, ensuring you have the resources and encouragement needed to thrive. With IHACC, you can look forward to a fulfilling and purposeful role within your community, knowing that you are valued and supported every step of the way.

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Group Activities

IHACC's Specialized Support Coordination service is committed to providing personalized assistance and guidance to individuals who require specialized support in navigating complex situations and accessing essential services. Their mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge, resources, and advocacy needed to ensure the highest level of care and support. Their dedicated team understands that every individual has unique needs and challenges, which is why they tailor their services to address your specific circumstances. Whether you are seeking support for healthcare coordination, disability services, or any other specialized needs, IHACC is here to help you access the appropriate resources and navigate complex systems with ease. Their goal is to be your trusted partner in obtaining the support and services necessary for a higher quality of life. With IHACC's Specialized Support Coordination, you can rest assured that you have an experienced advocate by your side, dedicated to your well-being and ensuring you receive the specialized care and assistance you require.

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